Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This Just In

In today's news:

AVATAR is now the highest grossing film of all time. How I feel about that... I'm not quire sure. AVATAR is a stunning film, and regardless of your opinion or mine, it is beyond innovative. James Cameron, whether you like TITANIC, or ALIEN, or not, always delivers a film. Where AVATAR lacked, was a story. He told a story as old as time in a new way, but you would think with such innovative technology, the story would match. The message was much deeper than could ever be presented on the screen, but I don't feel that the deeper messages was why the picture was made. Which depreciates it's value. I feel it was more made for a, "Hey, look at what we can do!" Sort of situation.

And CORINNE BAILEY RAE's new album, THE SEA, was released today. (A few days earlier than expected) An album I've been waiting for for four years.

But, more importantly. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY has a page where you can donate to Haiti victims and disaster response. It's more than tough for everyone right now, but a little help goes along way. And we may not be far off of something happening to us where we need help. So whatever you can; clothes, blankets, food, funds. Help.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Egg Roll Cravings

So, the first January post. (About 21 days late, but hey)

So far 2010 has proven to be a bittersweet time. A time of loss and a time of discovery. Especially with the world drowning at the moment. (And tornado warnings in Orange County?!)

And this hunger for better things will hopefully be satisfied sooner rather than later.

Let's toast the year. We're still pretty early in the game.