Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Military Showers

"I am not young enough to know everything." - Oscar Wilde

Today, well technically yesterday, 100 years ago a genius was born in Japan.
19 years ago, technically today, another genius was born.

Two completely different geniuses, generations and decades apart.

The classification of genius, isn't what I'm questioning. For I know that identifying it is a subjective perspective.

But is genius accident?
We're all here for a reason right?

I guess I just question the question of life.
How two different accidents are justified in the end.

A boy sits tonight. And in between drowning out his life in a youtube spoken word, or attempting to finish homework due within the next few hours, he nurses his girlfriend who has been carrying his child for almost four months. This doesn't seem like an abnormal situation. But it is more so when you are about to turn 17, and your girlfriend 19 in the fall.
They and their child will be growing up together, I suppose. A doomed consequence.

Another boy sits tonight. He has just paid off his credit card. Gotten a promotion at his already successful firm. He owns a house with his wife of three years in a lovely part of New York. And in between doing all of that, he is nursing his wife as well. Except unlike the first situation, this woman for reasons unknown cannot conceive a child, despite her life long dream to raise a little girl of her own.

It's debatable which situation is more unfair. All things aside, neither couple chose this situation yet is forced to live with it for the rest of their lives.

How is it that this woman into her 30's who is ready to bring a human being into the world unable to do so, but a child can be born by a child herself?

There must be a reason.

The older we get, the more we realize, but the less we remember the values of life.
In our time designated like a military shower. Just enough to get in and get out.

But it's never justified until the water runs out.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vulture Prophecies

I'm just trying to find my rhythm these days.
And really should be studying for my anthropology test.

I feel like everything is upside down.
And I don't know which way I'm going.

Set in.







I need to get out of here.