Friday, September 11, 2009

Told A Story About A Man Who Was Too Afraid To Fly, So He Never Did Land

Let's all take a moment.
A breath.
A sigh.
A tear.
Of silence.
For those who lost their lifes in New York City today 8 years ago.

It really seems like yesterday I was watching the news story in my parents bedroom.
We all were crying.
I've never had such a silent day in elementary school.

It continues to amaze me for as 'domestic' as we consider ourselves to be, how animalistic we still are.
Granted, part of that runs in our veins, we are indeed mammals.
But we preach peace, and wage wars.
Step up, America.
Step up, universe.

But to those affected.
Stay strong.
Keep breathing and push ahead.
It's the best, and only thing we can do.

Mad love floods out of my pores today for you, you, and you.

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