Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gypsy Care Remedies

Lights out.
Turn on the air.
Didn't you see where this was going?
Those chills are normal.
Steady your breathing.
Settle down.
Settle down.
Settle down.

Insecurities are overwhelming.
Too much. 
Trust isn't enough anymore.
All it takes is an alluring scent.
To drain the bastard's mouth dry.

But wait...
Play it back.
Lights off.
Screen on.
How can you remember something so clearly?
If it didn't mean anything?
If it didn't continue to mean anything?

Whisper life into me.
One more time.
Just one more time.
Or just make me sure.
It's all I've ever wanted.

Strum the chord.
Fast forward.
I'm exactly where I should be.
For now.

Play it back.
Wait, don't.
I'll remember just fine.
Is it that hard to mean something?
Or is it just hard to admit to being wrong when the world itself couldn't have convinced you otherwise?

Heart beats.
Skipping beats.
Skipping beats.
Double time.

Calm the fuck down.
Calm the fuck down.

How mad you can be.
Over something you don't know.
I guess I've met the maker now.

All of this.
Just to be sure.
Keep the lights off.
Can't see anything in the dark.

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