Monday, June 28, 2010

My Postmortem: TB Ep. 3 Season 3

I love it when I'm right.
About a week ago, I said there would be a lot to talk about true blood, and guess what?

There definitely is.

As always, this post will contain spoilers that you will definitely want to see for yourself if you haven't seen them already. If these is you, tune to my Michael Jackson post and lay back and enjoy the nostalgia. All of you others, come with me.

True Blood Season 3, Episode 3

First off: Aldice - NICE. True Blood never fails with their sexy male casting. If nothing else you can count on, it's that.

Secondly, since True Blood loosely follows the plots of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, I'm truly hoping that Bill and Sookie's future isn't the same. I'm feeling that it won't be. True Blood wouldn't be the same if she ended up with Eric after everything. Maybe I just love the chemistry that Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer have. But I don't think True Blood would have the same flavour if Bill was going Gaga over her the way Eric does and Eric was with her. I don't know. Let's hope that isn't the case.

Did anyone notice Sam's dad in his soiled undies? Ewwwww.

The brother bothers me too. I guess he's supposed to, but every time I see him I wanna punch him in the face.

The whole Sam's family angle adds a new dynamic to Sam. He may be one of the least developed of the characters and it's nice to see him have more emotions and in turn question his identity even more in learning who his biological parents are.

Eric bribing Lafayette? Mmmm. I feel like there's something up as far as all of that goes. Maybe he has an ulterior motive in getting closer to Sookie. Maybe it's to make sure that all of the blood gets moved. It's probably both. Eric isn't the charitable type.

The funeral was beautiful. It not only showed how alone Tara was in her feelings about Eggs, but how alone Eggs was. They truly belonged together. They had nobody but each other. I'm wondering if she'll ever let herself be happy again.

Last but not least...


If there is ONE thing I was hoping they wouldn't include from the novels, it was the ending. WHAT?! However, Bill does seem like he genuinely feels bad. Why he snapped? Partially out of anger, partially out of loneliness I'm sure. All Lorena wants is to trap him into believing that he is hers. But showing the previews from next week, I don't know... Like I said, I really, really don't want them to break up. But these new vampires seem strange. Bewitching almost. Franklin and Tara, now the King of Mississippi and Lorena. Hmmm. I don't quite know how I feel about it yet.

The worst part is, is that True Blood doesn't come back for another two weeks. Sad, sad, sad.

This season has been phenomenal so far, and I just hope, for my own selfish reasons, that it doesn't shift and be everything I do not want it to be. But even if it is, I'm sure it will be amazing and all justify by the end of the season.

Post a comment with your favorite True Blood episode of the season. What you think. Or your favorite episode of the series.

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