Monday, July 19, 2010

My Postmortems: TB Episodes 4 & 5 Season 3

So I'm WAYYYYY behind with my Postmortems. Sorry Trubie blog babies. It was my birthday last week and my roommate came in from Texas. So it was literally chaos.

But here we are, with the Postmortems of Episode 4 and 5.

Episode 4:

First of all: Sam's family. WTF?! His father makes me angrier and angrier every time he comes on the screen. And his mother is up to something... I don't know why I'm convinced of that... but I'm convinced.

Sookie's little makeover. Ooh la la. And the Vamp King distributing blood? I told you previously that there would be a war, and this is making it even more evident that there will. The Queen and King doing virtually the same thing? It's going to bring everyone into question. And things will get naaaasty.

Don't even get me started on Lorena. I know she's just a character and all, but I hate her.

And what's next for Pam? Poor Pam. She's hot though. She'll find her way out of this :)

Episode 5:

As Snoop said, Ohhh Sookie! What do y'all think she is? Well, maybe Alan Ball is going the route of the books on this one. We'll see. I'm excited. At least Bill did the right thing... kind of. I, personally really want them to stay together. But you all know that.

The real show stealer last night was Lafayette. Get ittttttttttt! Damn. But it's True Blood, pretty much everyone has an ulterior motive. But I'm liking where this is going.

And Arlene needs to calm down. I get that she's pregnant and all, but seriously? Calm down.

All I have to say is, Alexander Skarsgard in that blue sweater. Thank you.

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